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Thang Long directly manufactures, supplies, and installs heavy-duty warehouse racking systems. We have more than 10 years of experience in the field. 

How many types of heavy duty racks are there? What are the characteristics? What is the investment cost? Those questions will be answered by Thang Long, everyone, please follow detailed information below. 

What is Heavy Duty Rack? 

Heavy Duty Rack is a most useful and cost-effective storage racking system providing direct access to all pallets.It provides high capacity storage,is easily installed and adjusted,and has low equipment and capital costs.


- Store materials on pallets (or “skids”), weighing from 500kg - 3000kg / Pallet.

- Forklift trucks are usually required to store loaded pallets on racks.

 - There are many varieties of pallet racking, depending on the characteristics of products and storage needs

- Pallets can be located, accessed and moved individually

- Rapid handling of almost all types of pallet used goods.

- Infinitely adjustable and offering a wide range of options and components to accommodate specific needs.

- Maximized space use in any warehouse configuration while retaining optimun product accessibility.

Top 5 popular types of heavy duty racking 

1. Selective Pallet Racking

Selective Pallet Racking System is a popular storage system and is chosen by many customers because it can store any type of cargo pallet. This is a simple shelf format suitable for moderate investment needs.The pallet racks offer direct access to each pallet, simple inventory management and versatility. Upright frame is a fundamental component of pallet rack.The frame columns are available in multiple sizes and thickness offering a wide variety of load-carrying capacities to match your need and application. The teardrop beam-to-column connection is designed to be compatible with other widely available pallet racking systems.


Product Features:

Upright is formed by high-quality cold rolled steel.Surface treatment: powder coated

Beam Load: 500-3000KGS/Layer

Connecting of the upright and beam with wedging, equipped with safety pin to make sure safety

First level pallets can be placed on the floor

Suitable for most types of forklifts


Selective Pallet Racking System

2. Double Deep Pallet Racking

Double Deep Pallet Racking is designed to store two pallets deep, which consist of two standard Selective Racks set up back-to-back. This system has to be used with double deep reach truck with deal pantograph or extension for attachment.

Double Deep Pallet Racking also offers a cost-effective method of bulk storage, especially in circumstances where logistics suggest a greater density of storage space.

Product Features: 


  • Increase storage density and capacity up to 30% more than selective system
  • Suitable for Last-in First-out (LIFO) operation
  • Convertible from SELECTIVE System
  • Do not require a large number of homogenous pallet type

 Double Deep Pallet Racking System

3. Drive In

Drive In Racking System is the most preferred solution to conventional block where pallets simply cannot be stacked on top of each other. It is effective in optimizing the warehouse storage and thus, reducing the number of working aisles. Ideally, this drive in racking system is suited for storage of homogeneous products, not time or date sensitive.

A Drive In Racking System is frequently used for a great number of pallets of similar SKU or item. It is an ideal solution to increase the utilization of a warehouse space. The system storage space can be used up to 80%-90% more availably in Drive In Racking than Selective Pallet Racking.

Product Features:

- High Storage density minimizing the number of working aisles
- Suitable for Last in First out (LIFO) operation
- Suitable for bulk storage than traditional pallet racks



 Drive In Racking System

4.  Mezzanine Racking System

One of the ideas to save warehouse cost in an effective way is sufficient warehouse height. Form that we have more space for storage area of hand-loaded goods that are not heavy in nature. Slow moving stock can be stored on upper levels leaving the ground floor for fast moving stock items. 
The mezzanine racking system will be design with staircases and loading gates, the exposed areas of the platform are installed with safely handrails
Shelt level can either be decked with steel decking panels or plywood, MDF wood. Various type of floor decking materials are available-timeber, plain steel plates, chequeres steel plates, expanded mesh or mesh grating

Advantages of using:

  • Utilize existing overhead space
  • Can combine pallet storage and small goods storage
  • Suitalble for growing businesses that may need to dismantle and relocate the storage area in the future


5. Mold Rack


The Mold Rack is a heavy-duty rack that is used to store all kinds of molds in the manufacturing industry with an extremely solid and sturdy design.

Outstanding advantages:

- Load capacity up to 1500kg/floor

- The rack has sliding trays that are convenient for using the hoist to take the mold

- Each floor contains the mold to be designed with a handle for manipulation, the last floor is designed to connect with a support device for moving shelves.

- The shelf is designed like a drawer, which can be easily pulled out and pushed in despite the heavy weight

Thang Long Mold Rack


Thang Long Heavy Duty Racking System Project

We would like to show you some our project: 


In order to provide most appropriate quotation with detail solution, please give us as follow details in advance:

1: The racking dimension and total quantity.

2: Usage areas and layout plan.

3: Loading capacity you expect.

4: Other details such as the temperature of cold storage,the height of warehouse,and so on.

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