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Thang Long specializes in manufacturing and supplying Medium Duty Racking with the best quality and price in the market. Follow the product details below. 

1. What is Medium Duty Racking? 

Medium Duty Racks are absolute storage system perfect for warehouse and industrial applications. These characteristically include automotive and other spare hardware, parts, bulk retail, and common purposes carton and archive storage.

The Medium Duty Storage racks can be configured to accommodate a wide range of storage requirements. These racks are suitable for storage of small boxes or cartons. Furthermore, these racks are available with adjustable shelving system along with the load bearing capacity of up to 300kg to 500kg per level.

Medium Duty Racking System by Thang Long is also perfectly suitable for steel, building materials, pallets, doors, furniture, hardwood flooring, rolls of carpet, and other construction materials. We manufacture and provide racking systems to industrial manufacturing plants, warehouses, factories, and building suppliers throughout Vietnam. 

2. The Structure and Specifications of the Medium Duty Racking System

The Structure

The structure consist of the following main parts:

  • Upright
  • Beam
  • Crossing bar
  • Support bar
  • Nuts/ Bolts
Kệ kho hàng trung


  • Load: 100 - 600kg per level
  • Dimensions: Make to order 
  •  Number of floors: 3-5 floors
  •  Material: SPCC JIS G3141 Steel
  • Surface treatment technology: powder coating
  •  Color: Green-orange, black

Kệ kho hàng trung

3. The latest price list of Thang Long Medium Duty Racking

As a specialized warehouse racking model, the quotation of medium shelves will depend on factors such as load level, size, number of floors, serial or stand-alone sets, ... according to the needs of the buyer. So, to receive a specific quote, please contact for a free consultation  0964.196.611.

Below, Thang Long would like to send you a quote for medium-duty racks for your reference and appropriate budget estimates:
Medium-sized 3-tier Racks H2000 x W600 x L2000: 120$ 
Medium-sized 3-tier Racks H2200 x W600 x L2000: 130$
Medium-sized 4-tier Racks H2200 x W600 x L2000: 140$
Medium-sized 4-tier Racks H2500 x W600 x L2000: 145$
Medium-sized 5-tier Racks H2500 x W600 x L2000: 150$ 

4. Thang Long Medium Duty Racking Installation Project 

Thang Long is extremely respectful and grateful to our customers and partners who have supported us during the past time. Successful projects are a testament to the quality, prestige and efforts of our team. Thang Long is honored to accompany businesses and organizations nationwide.

Thang Long would like to show you some our  successful Medium warehouse racking projects:

- Thang Long Medium Duty Racking Project  for Viettel Group

- Thang Long Medium Duty Racking Project  for Mobifone Group

- Thang Long Medium Duty Racking Project  for Viet Hung Company

- Thang Long Medium Duty Racking Project  for CDL Precision Technology 

- Thang Long Medium Duty Racking Project  for Gooffaith Company

- Thang Long Medium Duty Racking Project  for Toyota Lao Cai Branch

And there are many, many other successful projects, please follow the actual pictures below:


For more information, please contact us for a free consultation. We commit to providing high quality products and best service to all customers.

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