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Supermarket shelves are the most important product display equipment for every supermarket, mini supermarket, convenience store, buffet store and even grocery store.

Supermarket shelves, also known as supermarket iron shelves, supermarket shelves, are products that have the function of displaying goods for retail systems, from supermarkets to grocery stores.
Supermarket shelves are made from pure box steel, treated with 2-layer electrostatic painting technology, which is smooth on the surface, making the shelves beautiful and durable. Supermarket iron shelves are diverse in size and design, providing a rich choice for investors, meeting the needs of displaying large quantities of goods.

1. Why should buy supermarket shelves in Thang Long

Thang Long is proud to be one of the general warehouses specializing in the production and distribution of supermarket shelves across the country in all 3 regions of North-Central-South.

- The production process follows professional European technology lines from selecting raw materials to finished products to storing and shipping.
- Is the number 1 warehouse in the whole country with more than 10 years of experience

- As a design and installation unit for many reputable large partners across the country

- There are many branches from Hanoi, Da Nang and Saigon with distribution agents in the provinces.

- Produce according to customer requirements and sizes.

- Nationwide delivery with the fastest delivery time, free design consultation, nationwide installation.

- Commitment to quality and warranty period up to 60 months, material thick steel and 2 layers of electrostatic paint, anti-rust and termites.

- The display tray is delicately folded, especially the underside of the tray has stiffeners.

Giá kệ siêu thị

Quy trình sản xuất kệ siêu thị Thăng Long 

2.Classcification of Thang Long Supermarket Shelves

Dựa theo mục đích và nhu cầu sử dụng kệ sắt siêu thị được chia thành 3 loại kệ phổ biến sau:

Loại kệ siêu thị Hình ảnh 


  • Single side supermarket shelf: has compact design, one side pressed against the wall on one side. Single-sided shelves are installed along the wall, making the store look more neat.
  • Double side supermarket shelf: Also known as the middle shelf, placed in the middle of the house. Designed on both sides of the back of the shelf are trays that can display many goods.

  • Front shelf: this is a set of independent single shelves installed at the top of the double shelf for the purpose of showing off goods.


3. The specifications of Thang Long Supermarket Shelves

- Height: 1200, 1500, 1800, 2000 mm

- Length: 700, 900, 1200 mm

- Width (single side shelf): 410, 490 mm

- Width (double side shelf): 770, 900 mm 

- Material: Cold rolled steel material according to Japanese JIS standards.

- Number of floors: 3,4,5, 6, 7 

- Load capacity: 70 – 90kg / floor

- Color: white or customized

- Surface treatment: powder coated

- Attached accessories: Plastic clips (racks), barriers, roof panels.

Note: The above are standard specifications of Thang Long supermarket shelves. In addition, it can be completely changed according to customer requirements.

4. 3 types of Thang Long Supermarket Shelves

4.1. Mesh Back Panel Supermarket Shelf


The structure and Specification of Thang Long Mesh Back Panel Supermarket Shelf

It can be affirmed that the mesh back shelf is the most popular supermarket shelf model on the market today, chosen by the majority of investors. The main reason is because it possesses the following outstanding advantages:

+ The price is cheaper than other shelf models (perforated corrugated iron shelves, seamless corrugated iron shelves), helping to save more costs

+ Ensure good display effect, neat, save space

+ Suitable for even small spaces

+ The back can be combined with a hanger to hang accessories, small groceries

Thang Long Mesh Back Panel Supermarket Shelf

4.2. Hole-Filled Shelf

The structure of Thang Long Hole-filled Shelf


The shelf model perfectly meets both aesthetic and quality criteria and is highly appreciated by customers. The back of hole-filled shelf  creates an attractive highlight to create a feeling that is both unique and luxurious. Compared with mesh back shelves, it has the following advantages:

+ Luxury design, more beautiful, suitable for large and large spaces

+ Higher durability and certainty

+ Reasonable price compared to quality

However, the cost will be a bit higher than the mesh back shelf.

Thang Long Hole-filled Shelf

4.3. Flat Iron Shelf

Flat Iron shelf is the most durable and versatile type of shelf, the shelf model that takes the most materials as well as the most production stages in the supermarket shelf models. However, compared to other supermarket shelves, flat iron shelves are rarely used and often installed in large supermarkets because of their high cost and rather cumbersome design.
Thang Long Flat Iron Shelf


+ Solid construction, high durability, large load
+ Smart, luxurious design, displaying items, suitable for many goods.
+ Made from thick corrugated iron layer, 2-sided electrostatic paint should prevent peeling, rust, during use.

5. The quotation of Thang Long Supermarket Shelf

Note: The quotation is for reference only so that customers can estimate the appropriate cost for the investment of the racking system. Quotations of Thang Long supermarket shelves listed at the factory, excluding shipping/installation costs, excluding VAT (if the red invoice is obtained). For specific and detailed advice, please contact hotline  0919.467.868 - 0964.196.611.




Price (VND/set)


Single Side Supermarket Shelf

 Mesh Back Panel Shelf

 460.000 - 890.000

+ Height: 1200, 1500, 1800

+ Length : 700, 900, 1200

+ Width: 410, 490, 770, 900

+ Number of floors: 3,4,5,6,7 

+ Load Capacity: 60 - 120 kg/ floor

Hole-filled Shelf

550.000 - 990.000

Flat Iron Shelf

660.000 - 990.000

Double Side Supermarket Shelf

Mesh Back Panel Shelf

660.000 - 1.200.000

Hole-filled Shelf

1.150.000 - 1.450.000

Flat Iron Shelf

750.000 - 1.350.000


Bảng báo giá kệ siêu thị đơn áp tường: các bạn click vào "ĐÂY"

Bảng báo giá kệ siêu thị đôi: XEM TẠI "ĐÂY"

6. Thang Long Supermarket Shelves Projects

The projects that Thang Long has installed are not only diverse in shelf product lines but also in different business types, sizes and product categories. Some notable projects are:

- The project of installing supermarket shelves for trade centers, food stores, electronics supermarkets, installing supermarket shelves for stopovers, shelf racks for clean food stores, installing supermarket shelves for display display Thang Long household items. Install supermarket shelves for milk display, mother and baby supermarket shelves, supermarket shelves for hospitals.

Right here, we would like to invite all of our customers to admire the actual photos of some of the projects that we have done:





9. Thang Long Supermarket Shelf installation instruction


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