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Drive In Racking System


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  • Committed to fast delivery

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Our commitment
  • Committed to fast delivery

  • Prestigious and long-term warranty service

  • Free, thoughtful and dedicated consultation

  • Guarantee the best price in the market

Drive in Racking system is one of the most popular traditional racks in the world. Compared with the ordinary Pallet Rack, its storage density is higher and its storage efficiency is 170% of that of the pallet rack.

For detailed information about this product, please follow the content below:

What is Drive In Racking system? 

Drive In racking system is the optimum solution for the storage of homogenous products with a high number of unit loads per reference.
It is a high-density pallet storage system designed to maximise the cubic space available by minimising the operating aisles needed for trucks.

Compact pallet racking systems enable excellent stock control in the warehouse, as each lane of the structure is exclusively for a product reference.
In this compact pallet racking system, parallel aisles are generated inside the structure, where the forklifts circulate to load or unload the unit loads. The forklift handles the load at a height higher than the level at which it will be deposited and deposits it on the load support rails, which are located on both sides of each level.

Features of Drive In Racking System

  • It is designed for the storage of homogenous products, a large number of pallets for each sku;
  • Better use of the floor area and height space than any other racks;
  • The installation is made up of a set of racking units that form inner loading aisles, with support rails for the pallet;
  • The fork-lift trucks enter these inner aisles with their load held higher than the level at which it is to be deposited;
  • Last-in-first-out and First-in-first-out storage system;
  • Eliminates the need for multiple aisles;
  • Make full use of the functional attributes of forklift;
  • Customized according to forklift and pallet and cargo size.

Specifications of Thang Long Drive In Rack

  • Loading capacity: 1000-1500kg/pallet
  • Length: 1000-3300mm
  • Depth: 400-1300mm
  • Height: 1000-9000mm
  • Color: Blue; Orange; Light Grey; or as your requirement   
  • Surface finish: Powder Coating
  • Design: Choose the suitable type of materials as your load requirement; 
  • Price: Direct Manufacture price according to your quantity

Structure of Drive In Racking System

Structure of Drive In racking consist of uprights, double side arm, single side arm, top beam, back beam, top bracing, back bracing, guide rail and upright protector.

Why choose Thang Long Drive In Racking System?

  • Ten years of rack production experience;

  • Strong and stable production capacity;

  • Professional technical team and sales officer;

  • Superior geographical location and convenient transportation;

  • Strong logistics team and delivery capability;

  • Professional quality inspection team;

  • Reasonable and competitive price;

  • Stabilize product quality and raw materials.

Thang Long is specialized in producing various pallet rack, cantilever rack, electric mobile rack storage system, mezzanine and platform, , push back rack, selective rack, double deep rack, drive in rack, carton flow rack and other related storage equipment.

Whether you are looking to populate an entire warehouse or you are in need of a single piece of equipment, Thang Long racking has a solution for you.

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