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3-tier Slotted Angle Rack


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Our commitment
  • Committed to fast delivery

  • Prestigious and long-term warranty service

  • Free, thoughtful and dedicated consultation

  • Guarantee the best price in the market

Our commitment
  • Committed to fast delivery

  • Prestigious and long-term warranty service

  • Free, thoughtful and dedicated consultation

  • Guarantee the best price in the market

You are interested in the product of 3-tier Slotted Angle Rack but do not know the size and characteristics to buy ? Don't worry, Thang Long will share detailed information about products to help you choose easier. If you need quick support, please contact hotline 0964.196.611 for a free consultation.

The specifications of 3-tier Slotted Angle Rack

  • Load capacity: 60-100kg/layer
  • Height: 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm
  • Length: 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm
  • Depth: 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm
  • Number of floors: 3 
  • Color: white, grey
  • Material: Steel
  • Surface treatment: Powder coating
  • Brand: Thang Long
  • Warranty: 60 Months

The lastest quotation of Thang Long 3-tier Slotted Angle Rack

The price of Slotted Angle Rack depends a lot on the factors such as size, number of trays, capacity load,etc.  And 3-tier Slotted Angle Rack will have to rely on specific parameters to give the most accurate quote. It depends on the price of raw materials from time to time, the quotation will change because Thang Long is a direct producer.

Thang Long 3-tier slotted angle shelving priced from only 550,000 VND/set. Factory prices, direct distribution to customers, no intermediaries, no costs. Quality commitment is worth the price so that customers are absolutely satisfied when using.

The advantages of 3-tier Slotted Angle Rack

High load capacity, outstanding durability

Racks are manufactured by Thang Long with iron bar thickness, good bearing capacity, shelf frame is sprayed with 2-layer electrostatic paint to ensure no oxidation, color fading. The storage capacity of the shelf can be up to 10-15 years without warping, sagging or deterioration.

The base of the shelf is made of sturdy perforated V steel, with a load capacity of up to 150kg/floor tray. Using iron shelves with holes in Thang Long, customers can completely enjoy long-term use.

The ability to store a variety of goods

The 3-tier Slotted Angle Rack is currently a popular model for storing light goods, storing goods and displaying goods. This rack model is considered an effective assistant in storing a variety of goods in stores, supermarkets, family warehouses, business warehouses,...

This Rack model can be used to store different types of goods from food, documents, clothes, materials, household goods, ornamental plants, ... or household items.

Smart assembly structure

All the details of the 3-tier iron shelf are disassembled and can be reassembled into a complete set of shelves with bullongs and screws, so it is easy to disassemble and move when needed. In particular, the distance between the floor trays can be comfortably adjusted to suit the needs of use and goods on display.

In case you want to upgrade the racking system, customers just need to buy more floor slabs and install them into the existing shelves without having to spend too much investment.


Thang Long is one of the pioneers and always leads in manufacturing and supplying shelving in Vietnam. 100% of our shelves are manufactured using modern processes and high-tech machines. All steps are strictly controlled to ensure the best products when reaching customers.

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